Generation Code 2020


Data Detox Youth

Jeroen de Boer | Generation Code 2020

Jeroen de Boer

During the last two editions of Generation Code, Fers presented the Data Detox Kit and the Glass Room Experience. At Generation Code 2020 we will introduce the Data Detox Kit for Youth. This new kit for teenagers is different from the original Data Detox Kit, which consisted of eight steps users had to take to get a grip on their personal data and digital privacy. Data Detox Youth consists of four parts: digital privacy, digital security, digital health and misinformation. In addition to getting to know the kit, you will also receive advice on how to use it in your library.

The webinar is presented by Jeroen de Boer, innovation advisor at Fers. Fers works closely with Tactical Technology, the developer of the Data Detox Kit, but also develops additional projects and programs. Besides providing Dutch translations of the original content, Fers produced The Smallest Privacy Show in the Netherlands and the Data Detox Game. In 2021, Fers will organize two larger Glass Room exhibitions in The Netherlands, in collaboration with OBA Amsterdam, dbieb Leeuwarden and Tactical Technology.

If you missed this session, we have the recording available for you below!

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