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Digital activities at the Veria Public Library

Veria Public Library


During the lockdown, Veria Public Library in Greece, organized many interesting e-learning sessions for its users on various topics, digital and non-digital alike, such as technology, psychology and crowdfunding.   All the sessions were done through the Microsoft Teams application and covered topics such as:
  • How to choose the right computer
  • Keep calm and CODE it!
  • 3D printing technology
  • “Light Bot” program
  • Familiarity with the online library’s catalog and its services
  • English for beginners
  • Introduction to Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
In May 2020, due to the extraordinary measures for the treatment of coronavirus and given the need of the people for reading, the Library announced the “free home delivery of books”  with the support  of the courier company ACS Postal Services SA. exclusively for the members of the Veria Central Public Library, who are inhabitants of Veria.
The 3d printers of the Library printed a significant number of face masks which were given to Greek Hospitals
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Veria Public Library

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