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Digital Education at Valmiera Joint Library

Valmiera Joint Library


At Valmiera Joint Library we always look for ways to support the digital needs of the local community. For this exhibition we present three activities that we have recently started or have improved.

  1. Online courses using Google Classroom. Google Classroom is essentially a virtual school and it became a great tool for librarians to continue to learn and improve their skills during the lockdown. Not only is it for librarians but it is also a virtual school for our library patrons since the topics of the courses are useful for everyone.
  2. Technology training classes for seniors. Basic computer skills classes where seniors can use computers, tablets and smartphones. We teach the benefits of using technology and also things that they need to be aware of in the digital world. Reading e-books is a great way to get comfortable with technology – in 2019 a national e-book platform was launched ( that offers free e-books in Latvian for public library patrons.
  3. Digital skills drop-in. A new service was developed after the lockdown to help our patrons with different questions related to technology or digital services. This is a monthly session in the library or via video chat platforms.

Valmiera Joint Library

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