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Data Democracy is a project investigating and prototyping ideas about the public library as a driver for data literacy. By providing knowledge and hands-on workshops about data literacy we hope to create a sense of technological agency among citizens in our local community. 

If we, as a society, want to ensure that technological change is based on democratic values, we need to provide tools for citizens to educate themselves – knowledge is power! So many of us today have settled for the role as technological and digital consumers and as a first step to change this, we need to make media and data literacy training available for citizens. 

Data Democracy believes that the public library could be part of the solution, since we are close to the everyday life of many citizens and hold a high level of trust as a public institution. We have tested our assumption the past two years by doing workshops and training sessions for both library users and schools classes.

Data Democracy is funded by Aarhus Public Libraries and the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces.

Aarhus Public Libraries

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